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Philpot, Zylka, and Roth labs publish paper in Nature showing a potential strategy for treating Angelman syndrome (read more)

Faculty members Ben Philpot and Mark Zylka received a dual-PI R01 grant from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to study drugs that regulate expression of Ube3a, a ubiquitin protein ligase that is mutated in Angelman syndrome.

Two UNC faculty members receive funding from the Angelman Syndrome Foundation ( Ben Philpot received funding to advance Angelman syndrome therapeutics through preclinical studies, and Mark Zylka received funding to identify biomarkers for measuring the efficacy of putative Angelman therapeutics.

Philpot, Zylka, and Roth labs identify drug candidate for Angelman syndrome (read more)

Dr. Portia McCoy is awarded a grant from the Autism Science Foundation to study the role of UBE3A in the structural plasticity of synapses (read more)

Ben Philpot, Angela Mabb and Matthew Judson explain connections between autism, Angelman syndrome and the UBE3A gene (read more)

Jason Yi receives a postdoctoral fellowship from FAST to study Angelman syndrome (read more)

Zylka lab postdoctoral fellow Ian King receives Angelman Syndrome Foundation fellowship for his research on the causes of Angelman syndrome (read more)

Zylka, Roth, and Philpot labs receive Simons Foundation grant to identify small molecule compounds for treating autism spectrum disorders (read more)

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