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Philpot, Zylka, and Roth labs identify drug candidate for Angelman syndrome (

Dr. Portia McCoy is awarded a grant from the Autism Science Foundation to study the role of UBE3A in the structural plasticity of synapses (

Joint Zylka and Philpot lab paper is cover article in the prestigious journal Trends in Neurosciences (

Ben Philpot, Angela Mabb and Matthew Judson explain connections between autism, Angelman syndrome and the UBE3A gene (

Jason Yi receives a postdoctoral fellowship from FAST to study Angelman syndrome (

Zylka lab postdoctoral fellow Ian King receives Angelman Syndrome Foundation fellowship for his research on the causes of Angelman syndrome (

Zylka, Roth, and Philpot labs receive Simons Foundation grant to identify small molecule compounds for treating autism spectrum disorders (

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