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Welcome Potential Autism Registry Participants

The purpose of this page is to provide information about the UNC Autism Research Registry to families and individuals in North Carolina affected by Autism.

What Is the UNC Autism Research Registry?

The UNC Autism Research Registry is a confidential database maintained for the purpose of matching qualified participants who have a confirmed diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with research studies.

Who Can Join the Autism Registry?

Children and adults who have been diagnosed with an ASD (autism, Asperger's, or PDD-NOS) and live in North Carolina are eligible to join the UNC Autism Research Registry.

What Happens After I Join?

Registry members will receive referrals by mail when they are eligible for studies. Members are not obligated to participate in studies and may designate the number of study referrals per year.

What Kind of Research Is Being Conducted at UNC?

Autism research at UNC covers a wide range of topics including genetics, neurology, epidemiology and risk factors, early identification, development and associated features, siblings and families, behavioral and medical intervention. Some studies involve travel, others may be completed by mail, phone, or internet. All studies are reviewed and approved by the Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Human Subjects Institutional Review Board

How Can I Join the Autism Registry?

You can enroll on-line. Click the link below that applies to you to fill out consent and registration forms through our secure portal.

I am a parent of a child or adolescent with autism (under age 18).

I am an adult with autism who is his/her own guardian.

I am the legally appointed guardian of an adult with autism.

Alternatives to on-line enrollment.

  1. Contact the Registry office to request paper versions of forms. Email: or call toll-free phone: (866) 744-7879

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