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The Whitaker School

CIDD faculty provides neuropsychological, psychological, and speech and language assessment and consultation for students at The Whitaker PRTF. The Whitaker PRTF is a long-term treatment program for behaviorally and emotionally disordered adolescents, possessing secondary learning, social, behavioral, neurological, and/or intellectual deficits. This program which emphasizes the re-educational model of service is part of Central Regional Hospital. Consultation includes: psychological evaluation, neuropsychological evaluation, speech language evaluation, and behavioral/cognitive intervention; program evaluation; staff in service training; supervisory services for The Whitaker PRTF's psychology staff and trainees; development of research conducted on the Whitaker population such as outcome studies, learning rates, and related areas of need/ interest; development of collaborative grant proposals to attract new funding for training initiatives; participation in interdisciplinary team conferences; additional consultative services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, and special education are available as needed.

For more information, please contact: Jean Mankowski, Ph.D., Psychology

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